TPN Los Angeles Event Recap

Our first event was a huge success! We are so grateful to our panelists, event partners, and the network of providers for their unwavering support. We are particularly grateful to MusiCares for being such gracious hosts and for providing the space to allow this conversation to take place.

We wanted to find out from TPN Founders, Christopher O’Shea and Jimmy Mooney, what they thought of the event and the conversation.

How did you guys come up with the idea to do these events? 

Christopher: Connecting to others is at the heart of the motive. We have an amazing way to connect online. We both felt that it would be a way to strengthen those connections.

What were you hoping to accomplish by hosting this gathering?

Jimmy: Our main goal was to bring professionals together to discuss best practices in placing clients, an important and timely discussion. We also wanted to introduce TPN to the mental health and addiction treatment community.

What was your best memory of the event?

Christopher: Personally for me, it was watching Jimmy host the panel and explain our platform. We have been working mostly on our own for over two years on this project. I was happy for my friend and partner to get so many affirmations and to share TPN with a group of professionals we both respect and admire.

Trusted Provider Network Los Angeles Event

What was the most inspiring moment?

Jimmy: So many are searching for a solution to problems in our industry and for them to say that the work we are doing with TPN is important is inspiring to us. 

Christopher: It was when Felicia Kleinpeter introduced me to Jerry McDonald, a veteran in our industry, who told me he was very impressed with TPN and that he believes it is very needed in the mental health field.

What was the funniest moment?

Christopher: When Candy Finnigan made fun of the public’s perception of how long it takes to do an intervention. Because her A&E TV show, Intervention, only shows about 3 mins of the preparation for the entire process.

What are your hopes for future events?

Jimmy: We are looking forward to introducing more industry professionals and therapists to TPN and the list of benefits it provides. TPN is about collaboration and this gives us an opportunity to join together and share ideas. We are already planning our next events. We will continue the discussion in New Orleans, then New York, and North Florida.

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